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Innora Goat Milk Facial Kit
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Product Description
Innora GoatMilk Facial Kit For Softer, Anti-Aging, Whitening Kit

GoatMilk Cream

Sparkling Fairness Day Cream
Benefits Of VIT-A, VIT-B, and VIT-B12
Effective For Pimples and Scars skin
Prevents Darkening Of Skin
Softens and Moists the Skin 
100% Pure GoatMilk
Ideal For Dry and Oily Skin

GoatMilk Soap

Natural Moisturizer
Beauty Soap
Skin Protector
GoatMilk + Olive Oil + Almond Oil
For All Kinds Of Skin

Kumkumadi Night Cream

Original Kashmir Saffron Face cream
Kumkumadi Oil + Natural Bees Wax
For Extraordinary Fairness
Removes Dark Mark Under Eye
Excellent Moisturizer

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